Windsurf insurance

How can windsurf insurance help you?

Your windsurfing insurance may need to cover more than one board. To make life easier for you, we approach things differently. We’ll establish a base premium using the current market value of your best board, rig and sail, and then charge a flat rate for each of the others you own regardless of their values. Buy your windsurf insurance online and benefit from our reduced administration of £5, which is usually £25.

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What our cover includes

With years of experience within our windsurf insurance team, yet with the dynamism to look at how we do things with a fresh approach, so without hassling you for too many details, our windsurfing insurance will take your personal requirements into account to provide the level of cover that you need for your board/boards, rig and sails, including:

  • accidental damage including fire and theft
  • £5,000,000 third party indemnity cover
  • full racing cover
  • cover while in transit
  • up to 30 days’ European use
  • cover for other people using your board with your permission
  • extension to allow you to use other peoples’ boards.