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Bishop Skinner Marine team set sail at Blackwater Sailing Club

September 07, 2023

At Bishop Skinner Marine, we don’t just understand your passion for boats, we share it!

The Bishop Skinner Marine team recently enjoyed an evening of dinghy sailing on the training lake at Blackwater Sailing Club in some RS Quests.

Customer services team member George Perkins, commented: ‘We were lucky enough to have a good breeze for some exciting sailing practicing some sausage and triangle courses.'

For some of the team, it was their first time out on the water under wind power so it was a good opportunity to gain an understanding of the fundamentals of sailing upwind, downwind and even head to wind a couple of times!

Once everyone had a feel for the boats we even held some races to practice sail settings for maximum speed, trimming the Jib and keeping the boat flat with gusting wind coming over the water.

After everyone had tried helming the boats we returned to shore for a BBQ by the lake to end a great evening of sailing.

Hannah Muir, Head of Bishop Skinner Marine commented: ‘It was such a fantastic evening to get our enthusiastic team out on the water.  Heading out on the water on a beautiful evening after work gave all of our team the opportunity to understand the escapism and euphoria that can be enjoyed being out on the water and even those new to sailing are keen to return.  At Bishop Skinner Marine we are so lucky to be speaking to clients every day about their passion for the water and we will be back on the water as a team in early Autumn.'

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