BSAC travel insurance

How can our travel insurance help you?

If you are planning to book your next diving trip, you may need a policy to cover your trip not only for cancellation, baggage loss and medical expenses but also to protect your diving equipment and from potential accidents while diving.

Why do you need specialist insurance?

Whilst standard travel insurance policies will cover reasonable water related activities including some of those that will protect you under the water while snorkelling or scuba diving, you may find that the cover won’t extend to the higher level you may intend to take the sport.

If your planned diving activity falls outside the standard remit, like diving beyond depths of 30 metres, you will need a more specialised travel insurance policy. We can cover you to the depth you are qualified for as long as you are diving within your BSAC safety recommendations.

Our BSAC members travel insurance has been developed to provide valuable cover which is especially suited to diving overseas. The cover is wide, and we think you will like the price.