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Is your travel insurance watertight?

With the arrival of the warm weather and the start of the summer holidays only weeks away, the sailing community is taking to the water en mass for day trips, competitions and holidays abroad. With the world becoming ever more accessible the number of risks increases so careful planning for any trip it is vital. Part of this preparation should include a travel insurance policy that meets the necessary requirements of the excursion, to provide peace of mind that it will perform as needed. 

Obtaining the right insurance has proved difficult for many keen sailors and yachtsman so the RYA has partnered with specialist insurance broker Bishop Skinner Marine to create an exclusive product specifically for members. This has been designed to provide a broad range of cover which members find difficult to obtain in the open market. 

A growing number of enquiries into the RYA are from members in the over 75 age group, which many insurers will not cover due to the associated health risks and frequency of claims. This has led to numerous insurers withdrawing from the market, which not only makes it difficult to find insurance but makes it hard to find at a competitive price. One of the benefits of Bishop Skinner Marine’s annual travel insurance product is that there is no upper age limit so it does not discriminate against sailors or passengers based on their age. 

With five oceans and hundreds of seas, lakes and reservoirs, the possibilities of where to sail are almost endless. However the sheer number of opportunities bring with them a range of hazards and risks and subsequently many insurance policies will exclude cover for certain regions. The RYA understands the frustration these constraints can place on members which is why the Bishop Skinner Marine policy does not restrict the number of countries that members can visit. This means they do not have to limit their choice of destinations and have the freedom to sail anywhere in the world. There are many other benefits that make the policy one of the most comprehensive available anywhere, such as the yacht rental excess waiver of up to £500, medical and additional expenses for up to £5million, free winter sports cover for up to 17 days per year and personal accident cover for up to £20,000. In the event of a total loss, the policy will also pay for a chartered vessel to return to the scene of the incident.

Sailing is growing in popularity with the UK Coast Guide estimating that 600,000 people participate in the sport on an annual basis. For RYA members sailing often follows a significant investment of time and resources. Careful planning, observing the rules of the water and having comprehensive insurance will all help to ensure you make the most out of your holiday.