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A look at Shaddai, the world's tallest mega yacht


Coming in at $250 million, this super yacht aims to bring the owner from sea to sky, in an outstanding design drawn up by Gabrielle Teruzzi.

Shaddai translates to mean omnipotent, which fits well with the power one can feel when stood upon the 38 meters of maximum height achieved on cabin at the top of the yacht. The unique shape of the boat almost looks other worldly, with three separate levels for the owner to enjoy. The highest tear will boast a stunning infinity pool and 360 degree views over the ocean. 

shaddai 4.JPG

Joining the second to the ground floor is to be a magnificent scenographic infinity pool, allowing the pool on the second floor to be viewed from the one below. Also found is an enormous fish tank overlooking the ground floor (also known as the Beach Club) pool, bringing true luxury on-board.

The boat is furnished with materials and textures carefully chosen by Teruzzi, all inspired by Italian fashion houses. Being elegant without overbearing, the boat hosts gorgeous hues of cream, rich teals and clean wooden and white accessories. It is a flawless space, with its simplicity allowing the owner to admire the views of nature, rather than being distracted by over complicated visuals. One floor shows an outdoor seating area set down into a swimming pool, but separate in that those that sit are kept dry. It really does masterfully incorporate the element of water in its design, even down to the smooth and flowing shape of the boat itself and the waterfall flowing on one floor. It is strikingly modern, and is yet to be paralleled in design. 

shaddai 3.JPG

Though still unbuilt, the concept form of the boat rivals the most expensive apartment in New York City in its potential cost. It is already generating much excitement and anticipation, despite being little more than a model, and its one of a kind features are making it one to look out for. Despite being so stunning in design, the yacht loses out on price and size compared the Roman Abramovich’s His Eclipse, and Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan’s Azzam.

Images via http://www.gabrieleteruzzi.com/


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