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Falmouth Week Visitor’s guide

The infamous Falmouth Week Regatta is a week long boating festival, which features fleet racing for yachts and day boats in the stunning scenery. Running from Sunday 7th August until Saturday 13th August, it is organised by the Port of Falmouth Sailing Association (PoFSA). Falmouth Harbour is the third largest deep-water harbour in the world, with Sydney and Rio de Janeiro topping the chart, making it the ideal location for a regatta of this enormous scale. 

Aside from the racing programme in place at Falmouth, the abundance of other activities available means that it can be enjoyed by the whole family. Its popularity is unparalleled, with over 80,000 extra visitors than typical in August being welcomed into the town over the week, meaning that in total, over 100,000 visitors enter Falmouth in this unmissable summer event.

A sailing regatta has been taking place here at least as far back as 1837, so it is certainly a smooth running, well established event. There is match racing for keelboats, traditional craft and dinghies off of a range of locations across Falmouth. 

A standout event during the week takes place on the Wednesday, known as Champagne day. This is a race for huge yachts across a 25 mile course, finishing in the inner harbour, and is a spectacle not to be missed. Falmouth Week is now established as the largest sailing regatta in the south west with more than 450 yachts taking part in the grand event.

So, besides the boats, what can I expect?

The Outlaw summer market hosts a vast collection of beautifully designed crafts, alongside fabulous street food and drinks (locally made St Ives Cider is a popular choice). In keeping with the theme, guests can enjoy their surroundings in a deck chair and listen to the live music playing around them.

Taking you from sea to sky, the 60ft Big Wheel allows guests to get a completely different perspective of the harbour, and see stunning views of Falmouth.

If 60ft just doesn’t reach high enough for you, perhaps the air display by the Red Arrows will be of interest. This 20 minute display can be viewed from all over Falmouth, with the show consisting of the top aerial acrobatic display team in the world.

 A highlight of the week is the Falmouth Week Marching Carnival, as it is a truly perfect way to get anybody of any age involved. This event see’s hundreds of people parading through the town, encouraging ingenious and creative costumes as all involved are accompanied by a range of musicians and bands to keep the day lively.

For those who prefer to be sat on the edge of their seat, the Action Sports Tour is also available. Featuring the incredible skills of BMX, MTB Dirt Jumping, Free running, along with so much more, it is a truly unique and pulse raising show to watch.

There are a mass of night time events to see and do, like the 80’s v 90’s night, for example, or the fabulous Pink Wig Night, so it is sure to be a week of many fun activities.

Finally, for the less conventional boating style, Falmouth Week will also present a 40ft traditional Chinese style boat, powered by up to 16 people. Guests are invited to take part, but equally, viewing is just as fun!

This is just an overview of the events taking place, and with so much more to see and do, we recommend taking a visit to the Falmouth Week website to get a full list of times and places of events. 


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