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The world’s most exclusive private island retreats

From the Caribbean to the Indian Ocean, the world is full of island locations that promise a luxury experience. But for true paradise island status, you need something extra, and that something is seclusion

Some resorts come close to it, but deep down you know it’s just an illusion, in that once you step outside the private beach, you’re far from alone. For absolute seclusion, a private island retreat is the only real answer, and here are some of the world’s best.

Necker Island, British Virgin Islands

Back in 1978, Necker, one of the British Virgin Islands, came up for sale with a price tag of $5,000,000. Ever one to push for a bargain, the 28-year-old Richard Branson managed to convince the cash-strapped owner, Lord Cobham to accept an astonishingly low $180,000 for the island. Government rules in force at the time meant that alien landholders were required to build a resort on newly purchased islands or risk having them repossessed which meant that Branson’s total bill was eventually to come in at $10,000,000 and around five years of work.

Now, at certain times a year, Necker is available for hire and can accommodate up to 30 guests at a time. The 74 acre island consists of the perfect blend of tropical forests and sandy beaches. This is on top of access to Branson’s island home, Temple House, use of a three-person submarine and the services of a Michelin chef. The island is all yours for around £39,000 a night.

North Island, Seychelles

Where would a future king and queen decide to honeymoon? The destination of choice for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge was North Island in the Seychelles, situated a 20 minutes’ helicopter ride away from Mahe. Among the interior of coconut palms and takamaka trees you’ll find 11 luxury villas discretely dotted around the island.

Starting at £18,644 per person, you get 8 nights’ stay inclusive of food and drink, sea kayaking, scuba diving, deep sea fishing and free use of a buggy, so getting around the island couldn’t be easier.

Tagomago, Spain

Most of us love the idea of a private island, but the thought of an eight hour flight to the Indian Ocean or Pacific isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. If this is your attitude, then consider setting your sights on the Mediterranean, and more specifically, Tagomago.

100,000 EUR buys you and up to 11 of your friends exclusive access to this 600,000sqm gem within the Balearics. The crowning glory is an ultra-modern villa which comes with its own helipad, private mooring, jacuzzi and infinity pool, together with a private mooring with opportunities for swimming, diving and a host of other water sport. If all of this is a little too sedate for you, Ibiza is just ten minutes away by boat.

Motu Tane Bora Bora

If the resorts on Bora Bora itself don’t quite cut it for you in terms of exclusivity, then Motu Tane is the next step up. Translating as “Island of Universal Love”, this tiny island consists of three acres of lush tropical gardens surrounded on all sides by a white sandy beach. Only one party at a time can rent the island and the accommodation consists of a two-bedroomed house, a smaller guest house and nine African style bungalows.

Quite simply, it’s a water sports lover’s paradise. Dive, snorkel and fish to your heart’s content and make use of a 36ft Boston Whaler for dolphin and whale watching as well as exploring nearby islands. All of this is available from between 197,000 and 355,000 EUR a week.

Rubondo Island, Tanzania

Not all breathtakingly beautiful islands are set in the ocean. Take Rubondo for instance, the largest island-based national park in Africa, lying in a remote corner of Lake Victoria. Covering 25,000 largely untouched hectares, the terrain switches dramatically from wild indigenous forests, to papyrus swamps, not to mention waters teeming with Nile Perch.

Accommodation consists of a small, exclusive camp; your base for exploring the island’s habitats, for game and bird-watching, canoeing and catch-and-release fishing. Prices start at around £182 per cottage per night – (just for the accommodation element).  

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